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                      DARSHAN NALKANDE IPL Carrer

Darshan Nalkande is expected to be one of India’s greatest upcoming talents in the cricket world due to his all rounder talent and appeal. He became widely famous for his fast bowling skills, but he left people equally speechless with his immaculate batsmanship. Darshan found himself amongst the mainstream cricketers after Prasanna Agoram spotted his talents and signed him up in Punjab Kings in the 2019 IPL players’ auction. Since then, he has been a constant part of the team and has contributed his talents towards its success.  Alongside, he is also a member of team Vidarbha and is supportive and loyal towards his team. Darshan Nalkande has not yet made his international debut and is yet to perform globally. 


 DARSHAN Wiki BioGraphy 

Full nameDarshan Girish Nalkande
Nickname Nillu
BornOctober 4, 1998

(age 22)

Place of originWardha, Maharashtra
Nationality Indian 
Occupation Cricketer 
Relatives Girish Nalkande (father)

Sapna Nalkande (mother)

Gaurav Nalkande (brother)

Teams associated withIndia U-19

Punjab kings( 2019-21)


State teamN/A
Batting Right handed 
Bowling Right arm, fast and medium

Early life

Darshan was born in Wardha, Maharashtra where he lived with his family, consisting  of his parents, his elder sister and elder brother. His mother, Sapna Nalkande is an advocate and he belonged to a middle class Marathi family. His fascination with cricket began when he started playing cricket as a hobby with his brother, Gaurav, who would regularly teach him cricket. He was so mesmerized by the sport that his parents decided to put him in the Akola Cricket Club in Akola, Maharashtra for a summer program where the coaches insisted he completes a year long program due to his sharpness and talent. He began playing in clubs and would consistently practice the sport as a child. By 13 years of age, he had begun playing in residency clubs in Nagpur and all over Maharashtra. Even though his parents were initially skeptical of his decision to pursue cricket as a career, his talents and the validation of his coaches proved his parents wrong. He then began preparing for various competitions across the country. 


After playing in cricket clubs for a short time, he finally made his List A debut for team Vidarbha against Maharashtra in the 2018-19 Vijay Hazare Club on October 2, 2018. He then made his First Class debut for team Vidarbha against Maharashtra in the Ranji Trophy tournament. He went on to make his Twenty20 debut very shortly for team Vidarbha against Himachal Pradesh in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy on 21 Feb 2019.

He got selected in the Indian U-19 Senior team due to his talents and was also selected as a part of the team to represent India in the Youth Asia Cup. 

Darshan has had a very short but impeccable career graph and has played only a few First Class and List A matches so far, but the biggest turn in his career arrived after the coach of Punjab Kings, Prasanna Agoram, spotted his talent and researched his game. He watched videos of his game to figure out his game strategies and strengths and realised that his all rounder talents could be exceptionally beneficial for his team. Agoram went on to suggest Nalkande for the Punjab Kings team and after rigorous trials, Punjab Kings bagged up Darshan for 30 lakhs in the 2019 IPL auction ahead of the 2019 IPL season. He was retained as a member of the team in 2020 and 2021 as well. Nalkande is now awaiting his international debut.

Darshan’s talent is rare and exceptional, with not just being a skilled fast bowler  but also possessing sharp batting skills. His fielding skills are an additional reason why Agoram thought he would be good for the team. He is an inexperienced but fast bowler and is said to be quicker than most players in the teams he played before. This unique combination of amazing batsmanship and bowling skills make Darshan a pro at his game. 


Physical Appearance

Darshan is a fairly tall person with a height of 173 cms, or 5 ft 7 in. He has black colored eyes and his hair color is also black. He has a wheatish complexion and works extremely hard to keep his body weight and shape in line. He weighs 68 kgs.  

Personal life and interests

Despite gaining success and fame at such a young age, Darshan prefers solitude to group activities. He is an introverted and taciturn person who enjoys the company of Playstations and movies in his room. He is a man of few words and enjoys spending time with his family. He is also a fan of dogs. He likes using Snapchat filters and spends a lot of time on the app. He is a great Bollywood fan, and considers Ranveer Singh as the best actor of our generation. He is also a great fan of “ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga”’s original soundtrack and often listens to it. 

Darshan Nalkande is unmarried and currently single, with no plans to settle down or date anyone currently owing to his complete focus and determination on bettering his skills as a cricketer and preparing for his international debut. His hobbies include travelling to new cities, watching movies and exploring new music genres. His zodiac sign is Libra and he practices Hinduism as his religion. 



Darshan’s career skyrocketed after his First class debut which confirmed the depth of his talents, with Punjab Kings signing him up in the 2019 player auction of IPL for 30 lakhs. Since then, he was retained in the team for the 2020 and the 2021 seasons of IPL, with no increase in salary since his first association with PK. His total IPL income is a whopping amount of 90 lakhs, which comes with no surprise due to his immense talents. 


Social media handles

Despite living a very strict and disciplined life to sharpen his skills, Darshan finds the time to engage in social media platforms. He is a fairly active person on social media and likes scrolling on Instagram. His profile on instagram is @darshan_150 and he often posts about his on field life and the matches he played. He also posts a lot of motivational photos of his gym workout and has several photos with his idols including former captain M S Dhoni, Chris Gayle, R K Rahul and Rahul Dravid. 

He is also active on other social media platforms including Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.