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James Neesham Biography

Working all the time and not playing makes Jack a dull boy but what if the work becomes play. A similar situation is with cricket. Now many people are making cricket their full-time career. Cricket is now everyone’s favorite career path as it involves a lot of money, fame, and fun. 

Cricket is a renowned sport loved by all and is really fun to watch and play as well. Cricket is really a great sport for everyone and every individual wants to become Sachin Tendulkar and want to reach the zenith. One such cricket personality is James Neesham.

James Neesham is a famous New Zealand cricketer of all times and is known for his great strokes and is really a well-known personality hailing from New Zealand. He is really a splendid player and has a great score in the cricket arena. 

James Neesham Biography IPL Career Net Worth
James Neesham Biography IPL Career Net Worth

No one can beat his zeal and enthusiasm and the efforts he puts in the cricket. Wearing his yellow t-shirt, he has won various laurels in cricket and has taken part in various winning matches. He has made his country proud and the people as well. He is great on-field and has a great future ahead.

Early parts of his life

The cricketer has revolved around the sun 30 times and hails from the Aukland region of New Zealand. He plays first-class cricket. Started with Auckland he moved to Otago Volts. He made some important additions in the format of 50 overs that was held in the 2011/2012 season.

 In this, he made three scores that were 40 plus in a total of seven innings. Hence he really plays well and is a good batsman hitting lots of runs in a small amount of time. He had made centuries in domestic as well as international cricket.

James Neesham Career Path

Neesham was selected in IPL as a part of the Daredevils team for their IPL match. Next year he was chosen as a part of the Kolkata Knight Riders for their IPL 8 match. Luck was not in his favor and he could not play IPL 8 match due to several injuries and was dropped. He also played for the Caribbean premier league for  Guyana Amazon Warriors held in 2014. He also played for Derbyshire NatWest t20 Blast held in 2016. 

The next year he decided to play for Kent in NatWest T20 Blast. The next year he signed a contract for the 2018-2019 season with Willington. In 2019 the sports personality got selected for the Edmonton Royals franchise held in Canada. In 2020 he was selected in the team of  Kings XI Punjab. Then in 2021, he got selected for  Mumbai Indians for the IPL match. 

James Neesham International cricket 

He also played against India in a test match scoring 137 runs. After that, he scored a century hence gaining the title as the first sportsman scoring 100 for two matches in debut. In 2019 he got a chance to play ODI that too against Sri Lanka and hence scored 34 runs. He also played against Afghanistan and took a five-wicket haul in the match. Then coming to the 2019 world cup he took the last and the final wicket and hence became a popular figure.

Facts about the cricketer


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Name:                  James Douglas Sheahan Neesham 

Profession:            left-handed, Cricketer  

Height :                 6ft 2inch                  

Date of birth:         17 September 1990  

Age:                    30 years  

Birthplace:          Auckland, New Zealand

 Eye color:            Brown 

Hair color:           Brown

James Neesham Personal information

 On a personal level, he is a very good human being and spends time practicing cricket. He likes to eat Chinese cuisine and his favorite singer is Celine Dion. He follows Ms. Dhoni and Martin Guptil and also follows Tim Southee. 

Physical Appearance

He is a very tall and handsome man in his 30s playing for national as well as international cricket. He is a great player of modern times, having brown eyes and a perfect demeanor. The charisma he shows on the field is unbeatable and unmatchable. He is admired by all for his fantastic looks and is a great name in cricket. He has made various fans in fewer times. 

He has a very fit body and strong muscles and is really very handsome. His great looks are really admirable and this has attracted many female fan following on various social media platforms. His good looks and his batting style are exemplary and are appreciated by his diverse fan base. 


James Neesham Net Worth Earning

His total IPL earning is around 20,000,000. With an IPL salary of 5,000,000. Which is really a good amount he is earning in his earlier 30s. He has also several earning sources in cricket. He plays for his own country as well and earns a large sum in a very less amount of time. Going by this speed I am sure he will gain riches in very little time and will become a millionaire in the coming months.

Social Media presence

He has a wide social media presence. He is available on Instagram, Facebook, and various other social networking sites. On Instagram, he has 258k followers, and similarly on Twitter he has a large fan base of thousands of people. On Instagram, he posts photos of his teammates and his dog. As he is a dog lover and likes to swim as well. He mostly posts with his friends and family and his Instagram is filled with photos of his dog and him chilling together. In short, he has many fans following on Instagram and has great friends in the cricket fraternity

Hobbies and Area of Interest

He likes playing cricket, listening to music, surfing. Spending time with his dog and partying. He likes cooking as well. Hence he is a multitalented person. He likes cars and has signed various advertisements. He has a diverse area of interest and is really a great name in the field of cricket. His friends call him Jimmy and support him in all his decisions. Hence he is an all-rounder having diverse talents and an efficient sports star.