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Cricket is a famous game played worldwide and is an excellent source of income for the people in the world.  It is a game having mass reach, and hence it is played all around the world. In a country like India, this game has vast significance and holds emotional value to it. If the players lose the match, they feel that they have lost something monumental in their lives. The people start connecting their lives with cricket as soon as they are attached to the screens. This is a game involving many people at a vast scale and involves a significant entertainment source within it. 


This game is played in every district and every street in India without a miss. One such Cricketer coming from the streets of India is K Gowtham. Krishnappa Gowtham is a popular figure hailing from Karnataka, India. He is a popular name in Indian cricket. He has won many laurels and now enjoys a lot of fan base all around India. He has made his city as well as India proud on every scale. He is a kind and compassionate name in Indian cricket who is slowly moving towards success. His performances have amazed his coaches, and his teammates and his parents are proud of him.


Early parts of his life


He has revolved around the sun 32 times and celebrated with his friends and family his birthday on 20 October 1988. He resides in Banglore, Karnataka, India and is a talented cricketer of modern times. He is well known for his cricket performance while on the field, and he plays well during the practice sessions. Hence he is an excellent performer and a good cricketer. He is very hardworking and enjoys his profession as well. He is an all-rounder player and is really good with cricket. 


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Career Path


He debuted under 15 zonal Tournament held in Banglore and was acknowledged as the second-highest wicket-taker. Hence he made correct use of this golden opportunity and further added a benchmark for himself. His first Ranji Trophy game took place in Karnataka in the year 2012. He competed against Bengal and was acknowledged to pick up two wickets. He picked these wickets in his second innings.


In the 2016-2017 season, he played for Ranji Trophy and picked up two, five-wicket hauls that, too, in a row. In this game, he battled against Delhi and the state of Assam and was happy to bring the trophy as they won both games with flying colours.


In February 2017, he was added to the Mumbai Indians team for the subsequent IPL match, and hence this became a golden opportunity for him to show his skills and talent and move ahead in his career path. For this, he received a sum of 2 crores. Then he made a great leap by making a list A debut for the state of Karnataka region in the year 2016-2017. In 2017 he scored his first century against Assam.


In 2018 he was added to the team of Rajasthan Royals. In 2019 he played for KPL ( Karnataka Premier League ), and then this year, he got picked up for the Test squad and joined the series and played against England. In February 2021, he was added to the Chennai Super Kings in the IPL ( Indian Premier League).


Facts about the Cricketer


Name:                        Krishnappa Gowtham


Profession:                 Right-handed, Cricketer 


Height :                               5ft 7inch         



Date of birth:               20 October 1988 


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Age:                                          32 


Birthplace:              Banglore, Karnataka, India


Eye colour:                            Black


Hair colour:                           Black


K Gowtham Personal information


He is a beautiful person and a cricketer in his personal life. He follows Harbhajan Singh and tries to follow in his footsteps. A lot of people also comments that his off-spin bowling is very much similar to that of Harbhajan Singh. He is a wise man with great wisdom and knowledge about cricket, and he plays the game with utmost sincerity and works hard day and night to brush up and sharpen up his skills. He follows Hinduism and has a tattoo on his left arm. He is a Libra as his birth month is October; hence, he takes very wise decisions and this works well for him in the game.


Physical Appearance


He is a very handsome man in his early 30s and enjoys a large fan base. He has black eyes and black hair, and a well-built body. As he is a sports person, he is physically fit and works hard to have good health. He eats healthy foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. He takes good care of his body which leads to his success. As an ardent learner, he always seeks opportunities to learn from his seniors or his other team members.


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He has earned great and quite a lot of wealth from the IPL matches. Around 6.2 crores in IPL, and more is on the way. He is a great person who works hard to build his career and has efficiently earned loads of money.


Social Media presence


He has a total of 122k followers on Instagram and enjoys large followings on various social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook and hence is becoming a massive name in the cricket industry. He shares photos of him practising on the field. He shares his swimming pictures and shares pictures of his friends and family on social media accounts. He likes spending quality time on social media and related websites and wishes people on his social media accounts. He enjoys connecting with his fans and likes spending good and quality time on social media handles.


Hobbies and Area of Interest


He likes gymming and hence tries to keep himself fit and fine. He likes to swim. He loves water sports and also likes dogs as well. Therefore he is an all-rounder celebrity and pride of Karnataka. He is a splendid personality in his early 30s who loves to play good cricket. With his hard work and will, he will surely achieve great heights and great rewards in the future.