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Kagiso Rabada Biography IPL Carrer

When comes to cricket South Africa is not left behind. Till today the world is a fan of cricket and South African players. They are tall, hardworking, and are the best in domestic as well as the international type of cricket. Cricket helps in the unification of people, nations and helps in bringing sportsmanship among the people. Cricket is probably the most famous sports such that every other person you meet is a cricket fan. 


Hence it is a common sport which helps in entertaining the people with good and fair play. Cricket attracts a large no. of viewers and hence the cricketers are the best choice for the advertisement industry as the fan base is greater than that of a movie star. One such sports personality having a large fan base is Kagiso Rabada.


He is a very young player of the South African team. He has a charming personality who hails from South Africa and plays very well. He is really a very bright player and is a very positive person of great knowledge. You cannot underestimate him considering his age. As he is beyond his age and is a good South African player. He has a very splendid personality. 

Kagiso Rabada Biography IPL Carrer Net Worth Biography
Kagiso Rabada Biography IPL Carrer Net Worth Biography

Early parts of his life

He has revolved around the sun 25 times. Hailing from South Africa he is a very young player. He hails from a very educated family. His father is a wise doctor of good experience and his mother is a wise lawyer. They are the proud parents of Kagiso Rabada. Kagiso Rabada comes from JohannesburgGauteng present in South Africa.


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Career Path


Domestic Career


The great sports personality debuted with a One-day competition in CSA provincial that took place in December and was against the Border.


He was also a part of the under-19 team and played in the world cup for South Africa. He proved to be the best bowler among many. He was the second most scorer person who took many wickets. He is known as the most feared and the fastest bowler of all in that particular competition. He is a person who is known to have broken several records at a splendid rate. This happened after he took a total of 14 wickets in a match that was between Dolphins and Lions.


He has also signed various deals which also includes playing the game for Kent country, the cricket club. He is a part of various squads like Jozi stars and many other teams as well. He has played various T20 games as well counting some includes a total of 6 games.


He has also played for IPL matches like Delhi Daredevils. He was bought at a value of 50 million Indian Rupee. In 2018 he was bought by Delhi Capitals. He has shown a splendid performance in IPL as well. He is a versatile sports person and gives an exemplary performance due to which he has a high net worth in cricket whether at national or  international level.


International cricket

For international cricket, he has debuted in Twenty20 International. Hence he was a part of the game that was held in 2014, November. He also took in his account a hat-trick in his first ODI match. He was also there in 3rd match commonly an ODI match played during a South African tour namely in England. He is one of the top rankers in the ODI match. He acclaimed the tile of having taken most wickets in the test match. He is known as the only 8th bowler( South African ) bowler to have picked 200 wickets( test wickets).


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Facts about the cricketer


Name: Kagiso Rabada


Profession: Bowler, Cricketer 


Height : 6ft 3inch         



Date of birth: 25 May 1995 


Age: 25 years 


Birthplace:          JohannesburgGauteng, South Africa


Eye color: Black


Hair color: Black


Kagiso Rabada personal Information


Personally, he is a very good person and has achieved a lot of laurels at such a young age. He is a wise player and practices a lot in his free time as well. He represents his country very well and is good in domestic, national, and international cricket. He is known as the youngest bowler to have taken 150 wickets in various test matches. He has broken various outstanding records in national as well as international cricket. 


He plays with all his heart and soul and achieves spell-bound goals as well. He has become a celebrity figure in a very less amount of time. He is a wise and experienced player. The sports star resides in many hearts and has a great fan following. He is truly an astonishing figure and has a vast knowledge of bowling as well as cricket.


Physical Appearance


He is a very tall player and exerts great charm and has a splendid appearance and shows his great talent when on the field. He is a gentleman and a cool personality.


Kagiso Rabada Net Worth Earning


He has a net worth of $4Million and enjoys great riches and hails from a rich background. He has made a good life for himself and lives in the lap of luxury. All this he has accumulated from his hard work and determination. He is a great dreamer and works hard to achieve his dreams. 



Social Media presence


He enjoys great followers on various social media accounts. On Instagram itself, he has 358k followers and enjoys various other followers on various other social media accounts. He has a vast social media presence on Twitter and Facebook as well and posts pictures with his friends and family. He likes to hear music as well. He posts various pictures of his team during practice sessions.


Hobbies and Area of Interest


He has various other hobbies as well. He likes to play piano in his free time and also likes to listen to music. He also likes to play games on his PlayStation. He likes to sing as well. He enjoys spending his free time on social media platforms as well. Hence he is an all rounder sports personality.