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The cricket festival in India, none other than the Indian premium league, is one of the most popular T20 leagues ever in the world. This is such a wonderful cricket event that creates loads of excitement and joy among cricket fans in India and outsides. This is a cricket tournament conducted every year between certain cricket clubs that usually represent the state of India. This time IPL is going to celebrate its 14th edition in India. When it comes to IPL, you will undoubtedly find huge investment in players and many big sponsors and associates.

In this post, we are going to discuss all the brands that are sponsoring in IPL 2021. Let’s start with more details.

Title Sponsor of IPL 2021


Last year due to India-china official issues, the title sponsor was removed from VIVO and given to Dream 11. Still, this year VIVO smartphone company is back into the mainstream as the title sponsor of IPL 2021, and that’s why this season, you will be called IPL as VIVO IPL 2021.

Tata Safari

Tata Motors is one of the reputed car manufacturing Indian brands, another title sponsor of IPL 2021. In this season of IPL, Tata will sponsor its new Tata Safari car for the star player of the Vivo IPL 2021 season.

Media Rights of Vivo IPL 2021

Star Sports

Star Sports have the main media rights for the IPL 2021 tournament. You can enjoy watching all the IPL live matches on this channel. This year Star Sports have signed 14 sponsors for the IPL 2021.

Co-presenting Sponsors of IPL 2021

Dream 11

We all know about Dream 11; this is a reputed Indian based fantasy sports platform where many sports lover makes their fantasy team and win points. This is the first-ever Indian gaming brand that enters Unicorn Club. This company was launched in 2008 and achieved huge popularity in India. On this platform, you can create a fantasy team of football, cricket, hockey, basketball, and many more. Dream 11 is currently the co-presenting sponsor of IPL 2021.

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Indian-based multinational edutech company Byju is popular among people. This company is founded in 2011 and is located in Bangalore.  This is currently one of the most valuable edu tech companies, the co-presenting sponsors of VIVO IPL 2021.


PhonePe is a reputed financial and payment company that was founded in 2015. The headquarters of this company is in Bangalore, and it was acquired by the famous e-commerce company Flipkart. Now, this brand is one of the co-presenting sponsors of VIVO IPL 2021.



Justdial is a helpful brand and platform which helps people to search for different services in India. This is a company which was founded in 1996 and located in Mumbai. Justdial is one of the co-presenting sponsors’ brands for IPL 2021.


Co-powered Sponsors of IPL 2021


Upstox is another top-rated and largest stockbrokers’ brand in the country. This is a discount stockbroker platform that legend Ratan Tata backs, and that brand is one of the main co-powered sponsors of IPL 2021.

Vimal Elaichi

Vimal Elaichi is known as a reputed mouth freshener product in India. This brand is also signed for co-powered sponsors of VIVO IPL 2021.

Associate Sponsors of IPL 2021


Bingo is a well-known brand of ITC limited which usually provides packaged chips. Bingo is also the associate sponsor of VIVO IPL 2021.


Cred is currently the best application that gives you the platform to pay your credit card bills. This is an Indian-based mobile application that was started in 2018, and the main office of this company is located in Bangalore. Currently, Cred is also one of the associate sponsors of IPL 2021.

Havells Fans

Havells is Indian electronic equipment manufacturing brand. Havells fans is a brand under Havells that usually sells fans. This is currently the associate sponsor of VIVO IPL 2021.

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Garnier Men

Garnier is a top-rated cosmetic brand of Loreal. This is a French-based cosmetic brand. Garnier Men usually deals with several men’s cosmetic products like face wash, shaving creams, and many more. This is another associate sponsor brand of VIVO 2021.

Kamla Pasand

Famous Indian pan masala brand Kamla Pasand is also the associate sponsor of IPL 2021. This brand is famous for its amazing tag lines on TV ads like Anokha Swaad.

Association of Mutual Funds in India

AMFI, also known as the association of mutual funds in India, is a reliable Indian organization that works in the sector of Mutual funds. AMFI was established in 1995, and currently, this brand has signed as the associate sponsor of VIVO IPL 2021.


Pharmeasy is a rising company in India which deals with pharmaceutical products like medicines. They have signed up for the associate sponsors of VIVO IPL 2021.


Livspace is currently one of India’s popular interior design and renovation brands, which was founded in 2014. They have also sponsoring VIVO IPL 2021.  


The most popular online food delivery brand Swiggy founded in 2014, is also signed up to be one of the main associate sponsors of IPL 2021.

Parle Agro

Parle Agro is a top-class Indian MNC that owns several brands like Appy, Bailey, and Frooti. This brand is now one of the main associate sponsors of VIVO IPL 2021.


Unacademy is currently the best online educational company. Initially started as a youtube channel and later launched as a brand in 2015. This brand is currently one of the associate sponsors of IPL 2021.

Other Sponsors of IPL 2021

Asian Paints

Indian MNC and the most popular brand, Asian paints, are among the top sponsors of IPL 2021. This company was founded in 1942 and usually deals in manufacturing and selling paints, home décor, and coating.

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Thums Up

World-famous soft drink brand Thums Up was launched under the brand Cola in India in 1977, and later, it was relaunched by the Coca-cola company to compete with Pepsi. Thumps Up is currently the sponsor of IPL 2021.


Popular telecommunication company Vodafone idea is also the sponsor of the VIVO IPL 2021.


American top-rated MNC Mondelez, which is located in Chicago, is also sponsoring IPL 2021. This is a brand that usually deals with snacks, beverages, and food.

Amazon Prime

Amazon prime is another most popular in India run under e-commerce giant Amazon when it comes to the OTT platform. Amazon prime is also sponsoring VIVO IPL 2021.


Groww is one of the reputed Indian-based online investment platforms. This is a trusted brand that has more than 10 million registered users across the globe. No doubt, this is a rising platform in India’s finance and investment platform, and this brand is sponsoring VIVO IPL 2021.

Disney + Hotstar

Disney+Hotstar is currently one of the top OTT platforms in India. This brand has the media rights of IPL, and you can watch all the IPL matches live on their platform if you have a VIP or premium subscription. This brand has a deal for 10 sponsors for the IPL 2021 like PhonePe, AMFI, and Dream 11.

Final Words

These are some of the top-rated firms and brands which are signed up to be the main sponsors of IPL 2021. I hope you get complete knowledge about the sponsorships of IPL 2021 and the IPL campaign. To get more updates and information regarding IPL, keep visiting our website, and don’t forget to share our URL with your friends and family members.