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Cricket is a very famous sport that is played in most parts of the country. It is a sport that many people like to watch as well as play in their free time. In the past, a lot of cricket clubs have been opened for the people to grab their attention in this sport. Similarly, a country known for its cricket and cricketers is New Zealand. New Zealand is a kind of cricket hub. 


The new Zealand players are known to be tall and have well-built bodies, and are really very handsome. Among many people living in various countries, there are a few stars who are capable of becoming professional cricketers. One such name is Mitchell santner.


Mitchell is a famous player hailing from New Zealand. He is known to play all the forms of cricket, and he is known as an all-rounder and hence gained large popularity within his team, and within the cricket lovers also he is a splendid performer. 


At such a young and small age, he has achieved a great name and fame among the masses, and hence his followers are on the rise day by day. The cricketer is a name in New Zealand that everyone is aware of. 


Early parts of his life


The cricketer has revolved around the sun 29 times and hails from Hamilton, New Zealand, Waikato. He celebrates his birthday with pomp and show every year on 5th February. He is an all-rounder figure who is also a left-handed bowler and a batsman. 


He made his first cricket debut in the year 2011 on 20-23 November and is a splendid player as well. He is known for his extraordinary and amazing cricket skills and enjoys a vast audience all over the world. He is a hard-working celebrity figure coming from New Zealand who has now become an international figure in cricket.



Career Path


On a domestic level, the star plays for the cricket team of Northern Districts. He came into the limelight during a good season that he played which was in the year 2014-2015.


International Career


In 2015 he made his debut in One Day International cricket 2015. He also took part in test matches in 2015 and played against Australia. In 2016 world twenty20 he showed splendid performance and was announced as the man of the match. He played as a spin bowler against the host country India and defeated the country. 


He also played in South Africa in 2017. He played with Jeetan Patel. Both of them were spinners selected in the 4th ODI to open the great bowling in an ODI. The cricketer played in 2018 against Pakistan and in March against England, but he suffered some injuries; hence he had to rest after that for some time, giving a halt to his cricket career.


In 2019 he also played a match, and that was a comeback match against Sri Lanka. He showed splendid performance in IPL as well and was selected in Chennai Supper Kings Team with a sum of 50 lakh INR. In November, he played against the nation of England at the Bay Oval and again showed a splendid performance there.


Facts about the cricketer


Name:                                Mitchell Josef Santner


Profession:                         left-handed, Cricketer , bowler


Height :                                     6ft     



Date of birth:                     5 February 1992 


Age:                                   29 years 


Birthplace:                         Hamilton, New Zealand, Waikato


Eye color:                          Dark Brown


Hair color:                         Light Brown



Marital status:                   Unmarried 


Nicknames:                       Flatline


Jersey Number:                #74( New Zealand)


Education:                        Mechanical Engineering


Brother Name:                 Elliot Santner


Mitchell Santner Personal information


He is an Aquarius and has completed his schooling at Hamilton Boys’ High School and has completed his graduation from Waikato University, Hamilton, New Zealand, and has done mechanical engineering as well. He is known to be unmarried and in a relationship with Caitlin Podunski. He is a proud owner of BMW and many other cars. He is a very good human being personally and enjoys playing various sports as well and is surrounded by fans every time he travels.


Physical Appearance


He has a well-toned body, and he is very tall as well; and he is a very handsome man as well in his late twenties. He has a fair skin tone and is really very handsome. He is surrounded by a great aura and hence grabs the viewer’s attention as well. He is an attention seeker when on the field, and his tricks in cricket are quite extraordinary. Hence he is an extraordinary player hailing from New Zealand and who has a look of a celebrity and hence has a lot of fan base, especially female fan base, and cricket lovers. 




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He is a rich cricketer who owns a beautiful BMW car. His test fee is 5 lakh, his T20 fee is 1 lakh, and the ODI fee is 2 lakh. The fees may be higher now. These are approximate figures. His total income amounts to 20,000,000. So he is a rich player in his late 20s. He is very prosperous and a wealthy man now. If this continues, the day is not too far that he will be among millionaires’ list.


Social media


He has a total of 128k followers on Instagram and enjoys many other followers on various social media accounts. He has a very large and good fan base on social media like Twitter, Facebook. On social media accounts, he posts pictures of him playing cricket, Various cricket practices’ photos , he also posts pictures of himself and his family. He also posts his travel pics and loves to connect with his fans on social media accounts.


Hobbies and more


Golf is one of the hobbies that he enjoys a lot, and he often plays with his friends and family. He loves spending quality time with his dog and loves to buy cars. He loves traveling and spending some quality time with his family and friends and loves going to parties. Being an all-rounder cricketer requires great hard work and skills, and the player posses both. So he is a pride for New Zealand, a cricketer with great talent.