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Cricket is an interesting and most loved game which has now being played all over the world because of its popularity. The game has let all the developing and least developed countries come together and play at international levels by which they get a huge amount of money too. Countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan would not be so strong economically but they are strong enough in the sports like cricket and compete with other strong countries like India, Australia, etc. The game has bought many together. 

NAMEMustafizur Rahman 
AGE25 years
DATE OF BIRTH6,September 1995
PROFESSIONCricketer, Bowler
PLACE OF BIRTHSatkhira District, Bangladesh
NATIONALITY Bangladeshi 

Mustafizur Rahman is a Bangladeshi cricketer by profession who plays at the international level for the Bangladesh cricket team. Mustafizur Rahman was born on 6 September 1995 which simply denotes that the player is nearly about 25 years of age today. He is basically a left-arm fast-medium bowler who has so many specialties and Variants when it comes to fast bowling for sure. Most of the time the bowler bowls from around the wicket side and has got so much success in his career. 

The player has taken the most number of wickets in a debut one-day international series. Mustafizur Rahman is the only player in Bangladesh to win a man of the match award in both test and one-day international series, which tells us about his great achievements in life. No doubt, the player is an extraordinary one which helps his team to perform well in every match. The player was born in the Satkhira District which is located in Bangladesh. The fellow teammates also call him by his nickname that is fizz or cutter master as he bowls cutter ball very beautifully. 


As we all know the player is located from a district in Bangladesh which simply signifies that he was not too rich to play cricket, but now has managed to make a place in the Bangladesh cricket team. The player is the youngest one in his family. His father Abul Qasem Gazi is a huge fan of cricket. Mustafizur Rahman started liking cricket when he used to go 50 km away from his house and play cricket with his friends. The player also Mises out the school education as he focused more on the game of cricket rather than education. The craze of him for cricket teaches that he never give up on any thing and was well focused on his career, which is the reason he is a great cricketer today and playing at the international level. 

When it comes to his extraordinary talent, he was a batsman in his childhood but started admiring the Pakistan pacer Mohammed Amir which forced him to become a great fast left arm bowler. The very shocking incident of his life happened at New Zealand when he went their to play a series with different members of his team and there was a terrorist attacks. All the team members were mentally shocked. Mustafizur Rahman brother was tensed about his mental shock and forced him to get married so that he can simply overcome the shock. 


Mustafizur Rahman started his international career in a twenty-over match against his idol team Pakistan on 24th April 2015, he took the wicket of great Shahid Afridi and Mohammed Hafeez. In June he was picked up in the team against India. In his very first match of one-day international series, the player told every country that he has a lot of potentials that even Indian strong batting lineup can’t stand up in front of him, he took a five-wicket haul in just 9.2 overs. 

Bangladesh simply won that match and Mustafizur Rahman was awarded the man of the match, he was the 10th debutant who got man of the match in his debut match. In his second match again the player too six-wicket which was unbelievable and the player managed to get the most wicket and man of the series award with some many best bowling performances in that series. 

The only disadvantage Mustafizur Rahman faced during his career is injury. The player was also named in the world ODI XI in the 2015 year. He got an injury in the shoulder when he was playing against Zimbabwe in 2016, in that series also the player was the leading wicket-taker and that was the first time when the player had to get dropped out from the squad due to serious injury. The rising star came back in the 2019 world Cup when he was the leading wicket-taker for the Bangladesh cricket team, but was not able to make the team qualify in the semi-finals or finals. 


 From the start, the player had a shy type of nature and was not able to  talk more in front of his team members and seniors. His height is a great support to him which is five feet and eleven inches. He is a left arm medium-fast bowler and a left-hand batsman which doesn’t have a keen knowledge of batting. 


 The player earned a lot of huge amounts when he was in the Bangladesh team for many years, but after his injuries, his bowling was not too much Effective which reduced a little bit of his earnings. He is also bought by the Rajasthan Royals at a price of I crore so that by his bowling the team can perform better in the upcoming IPL season. 


The player is quite active on Instagram which tells us that he is a social pro person. 

Instagram – https://instagram.com/mustafizur_90?igshid=142yvtozc2ctl


*Mustafizur Rahman has a great hobby to do fishing. 

*The player earlier started as a batsman but when he came into Bangladesh team, he was a fast left arm bowler who has various types of variation. 

*The player is a lefty which means he can bowl with left hand but the fact is he can’t eat using his left hand. 

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