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NAMER Sai Kishore 
DATE OF BIRTH6, November, 1996
AGE24 years

When it comes to the young cricketers in India, most of us are like who are they as we don’t recognize them, but after seeing their brilliant performance in every match one or another day you are going to become a die hard fan of that young player for sure. There are several stages in India where you can find these rising youngsters and that are Vijay Hazare Or Indian premier league. So Let’s have a look on a youngster who is a hardworking guy too. 


Ravisrinivasan Sai Kishore is a Tamil Nadu cricketer who had not played or debuted for team India till now. The player wishes to play for Indian cricket team for sure. He was born on 6 November, 1996 which easily denotes that he is 24 years old today. This Tamil Nadu cricketer is just do awesome in sports as well as in studies. It is said that he was a brilliant high scoring tipper child when he was in school as well in his college too. The player had not played much leagues at domestic level as he plays more and more district or local leagues. 


When it comes to the early life of this player, as mentioned above he is a brilliant child. He is a left handed bowler with a slow Orthodox style. The player’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. R. Sai Kishore completed his school education from Vyasa Vidhyalaya Matriculation higher secondary school which is located in Chennai. The player is said to be a school topper and during this time he also started playing cricket for his school team which made him an all rounder in his life too. 

The player’s performance in studies was reaching top heights and his cricket was also letting him to stay fit and then he started getting more and more interest in cricket too. The player kept performing do well is the field and he made his list A cricket debut for the state of Tamil Nadu in 2016-17.  There are not much photos of this player as he only plays local district tournament. R. Sai Kishore, left his studies after completing his graduation because he wanted to get into cricket. He made cricket as his dream and today the player is playing for the district of Tamil Nadu. He is an elder sister whose name is Lakshika and a brother named Sai Prasad. The player was dropped out from engineering college but he was still learning new and new programme. Along with his matches and practice, the player is all set to pursue MBA in analytics. He says MS Dhoni is his inspiration, when it comes to the game of cricket. The player’s interest in the program of Analytics and data motivated him to proceed in the same direction. The player in an interview said that analytics helps him to understand the statistics of every match which helps in improvement in his bowling. 


Whether it’s a life career or a cricketing career both has been well deserved and exciting for R. Sai Kishore. The player started playing cricket in school and he was a part of the school team too. When he completed his school, he joined an engineering college but soon he realized that he could not connect with the Path he was on so he dropped out but then also he tried learning new and new things in his life. He never want to leave studies behind. The player dropped engineering college and at that time he was playing for under-19 Tamil Nadu cricket team. 

When the player was playing for the team , the team won both Vijay Hazare and Deodhar title in 2016-17 year. The player’s first class cricket debut took place in 3017-18 and Sai Kishore has played Ranji trophy several times since that. In the 2020, Indian premier League the player was purchased by Chennai super kings because of his superb bowling in Ranji trophy. He was usually a medium pacer but then when he started playing at district level he changed into a spinner who has a slow Orthodox as his bowling style. 

The player was called back during the accelerated auction process and that was when his dream came true. Although, there were not much team who was intrested in player like him but Chennai super kings gave him a golden opportunity to play for them, but this year the player hadn’t played any match till now. 


He got famous when he was the leading wicket taker for Tamil Nadu in 2018-19 Ranji trophy. He took 22 wickets in just six matches. The tall spinner Sai Kishore is six feet and four inches tall. He has black eye colour and black hair colour too which suits him perfectly. He is a hard working guy who believes in himself. 


  1. Sai Kishore is not able to earn much as he only plays local district matches and Ranji trophy. He earns from Vijay Hazare, Ranji trophy and from Indian premier League. The player was purchased by Chennai super kings in the auction of 2020 season and was bought up by the franchise at a price of Rs 20 lakh but didn’t got any chance to play, again in 2021 the player was purchased by the franchise and he hadn’t played any match till now but hope he will get a match soon. 


He is an active guy on social media and specially on Instagram. 

Instagram- https://instagram.com/saik_99?igshid=1vr2sderx4ctw


*He is an Indian cricketer who plays for Tamil Nadu team and for Chennai super kings. He was a school topper and joined an engineering college later but was dropped out and focused to go for analytics which also helped him to improve his studies. 

*He was the leading wicket taker for Tamil Nadu team in TNPL in the season of 2017. He hasn’t played any international match till now. 

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