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IPL is known for its high-level cricket. Every season, fans are witnessed special moments of cricket via this popular league, whether it’s a special knock, special bowling, or unbelievable fielding; fans are always excited to enjoy every moment of Cricket during IPL games.

As we all know, catches win matches, and this is one of the crucial things for any cricket, and that’s why you will always see top-notch fielding performances in IPL matches by players. Jadeja, Suresh Raina, Virat Kohli, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard are some of the best fielders of the IPL tournament. Today here in this post, we will discuss the top 5 players with the most catches in IPL. So let’s start with more details without wasting any valuable time.

Players with the most catches in IPL history

1.Suresh Raina

Suresh Rain is one of the best fielders India has ever produced who comes at the top of our list. Raina has the record of most catches in IPL history. With 102 catches, Raina is a well-deserved name in the list of most catches in IPL. Raina is super fit and very quick on the field. His foot movement is amazing, and he can easily take difficult catches on the field. He has brilliant catching skills, which is why he always fields at the crucial position on the field for CSK.

2.AB de Villiers

Ab De Villers is one of the popular cricket players worldwide who is also an excellent field. With 84 catches, AB de Villiers comes at the 2nd position of our list as the player with the most catches in IPL. His fitness level is insane, and he can easily pick difficult catches and turn out the match for his team. Currently, he is playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore and wicket-keeping for his team.

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3.Rohit Sharma

The third name in our list is none other than hitman Rohit Sharma. This Mumbaikar has a very safe hand, and he is currently at the number three position in the list of players with the most catches in IPL with 83 catches. Rohit loves to field at the crucial position and takes crucial catches in every season of IPL. Initially, in-game, you will see him field at slip position, and in death overs, he will be fielding on the boundary. Currently, he is the captain of Mumbai Indians, and no doubt he is one of the best batsmen and fielders on his team.

4.Kieron Pollard

Kieron Pollard comes next on our list with 82 catches in IPL history. He rarely drops catches and is known as one of the best and serious cricketers on the field. Pollard always saves many runs with his amazing athletic abilities, which helps the team in crucial matches. No doubt this amazing cricketer is an asset to Mumbai Indians. He is one of the game changers for Mumbai Indians and a good performer in every section of cricket. With his fielding and batting ability, he can win you games alone.

5.Dwayne Bravo

The fifth in our list of players having the most catches record in IPL is none other than west Indian versatile cricketer Dwayne Bravo. With 74 catches, Bravo comes on the list of players with the most catches in IPL history. He usually fields at the boundary line and has the ability to save plenty of runs for Chennai Super Kings. Bravo is a super athlete and even take many difficult catches at crucial situation easily. He is one of the crucial players for CSK who can bat, bowl and field exceptionally well.

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