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IPL cricket league is one of the most recognized T20 leagues ever among cricket fans. Cricket players from different countries get the opportunity to play here in the franchise to showcase their talent. The best thing about IPL is it offers the opportunity to youngsters to play against reputed international players. Fans are too much excited to know more regarding IPL, its rules, and many more. Many times people also debate regarding the full form of IPL!  So what does actually the full for of IPL? If you are not aware of this question, then you are at the right place! Here we are going to describe it with some more interesting information related to IPL.

What is the full form of IPL?

The full form of IPL is the Indian Premium League. This is one of the biggest shorter format cricket leagues where you will find huge money investments and sponsors. India is a cricket-loving nation, and IPL is known as the cricket festival in India for fans. Undoubtedly, many people want to know the history of IPL and many more things about this superb league. Hopefully, we will give the best answer here via this post. IPL is the biggest cricket tournament taking place in India. 80% of viewers tune into IPL during IPL season.

A Brief Introduction to IPL

Indian premium league or popularly known as IPL, started in the year 2008 for the first time. This is a shorter format of cricket tournament where players have to play cricket of 20 overs. As this format of cricket is short and quick fans, always love it to watch. If you are a cricket fan, then only IPL full form is not enough for you, and that’s why we are here with more information like rules of the game and teams. Let’s start with more details!

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The Original Cricket League

Before the beginning of IPL, ICL, also known as the Indian cricket league, was started in 2007 with the funding associated by Zee Entertainment enterprises. The Board of control in India, also known as BCCI, did not recognize the ICL. In September 2007, BCCI announced the T20 franchise-based cricket competition, which is currently popular as IPL, where IPL began.

The teams in IPL

When it comes to IPL teams, there are usually 8 local teams who usually compete against each other in the IPL. Here we are going to share 8 franchise team names below.

PBKS-Punjab Kings

RR-Rajasthan Royals

MI-Mumbai Indians

CSK-Chennai Super Kings

RCB-Royal Challenger Bangalore

DC-Delhi Capitals

SRH-Sunrisers Hyderabad

Rules regarding IPL      

When it comes to the rules of IPL, each team should have include 16 players for IPL. In the 16 team squad, the franchise team management could include limited foreign players from top international teams worldwide. Before every season, when it comes to IPL players, a bidding auction happens where franchise owners have to bid for players to include their team. This is a tournament that played for two months against each other, and each team has to play two times with every team before qualifiers.

The winner in the past IPL finals

Rajasthan Royals in the year 2008 IPL

Deccan Chargers in the year 2009 IPL

Chennai Super Kings in the year 2010 IPL

Chennai Super Kings in the year 2011 IPL

Kolkata Knight Riders in the year 2012 IPL

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Mumbai Indians in the year 2013 IPL

Kolkata Knight Riders in the year 2014 IPL

Mumbai Indians in the year 2015 IPL

Sunrisers Hyderabad in the year 2016 IPL

Mumbai Indians in the year 2017 IPL

Chennai Super Kings in the year 2018 IPL

Mumbai Indians in the year 2019 IPL

Mumbai Indians in the year 2020 IPL

Final words

No doubt there is a lot of excitement among fans regarding IPL tournaments. Fans always love the high intense game among teams, especially in the shorter format of cricket. If you are an IPL fan, you know better how teams win close games and how much excitement there is among people.

Indian premium league is one of the longest franchise-based cricket where you can see lightning-fast cricket and enjoy many big sixes and boundaries. You can say IPL is the biggest entertainment for fans; if you like our post fells free to share it with your friends and keep visiting our website to read more interesting IPL posts.