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If you are following IPL for a long and a big fan of the Indian premium league, you must know Chennai Super Kings is one of the strongest and best teams in the IPL history. But CSK was banned for 2 years (2016 IPL AND 2017 IPL) from IPL. Many cricket fans don’t know the real reason behind the ban of CSK. During a match against Mumbai Indians, the IPL committee banned CSK from IPL, and fans were completely shocked and questioned why CSK got banned? Many fans don’t know the actual reason we will inform them about this ban in detail via this post.

CSK team in 2013

Chennai super kings is one of the most lovable franchises having a huge fan base in IPL. This franchise has won two consecutive IPL titles in 2010 and 2011. In other seasons this team has always given tough competition to other teams under the leadership of MS. Dhoni, this team has achieved a lot in IPL, and in terms of performance, they are always superb.

In 2013, CSK ranked top of the points table; they played with 5 Indians and five overseas bowlers in that season. Though Mumbai Indians won that match, CSK won the heart of millions of fans. In the 2014 auction, CSK has 21 crores to bid, and they included some of the excellent players to make a perfect team. In 2015 they lost again to Mumbai Indians, and fans were disheartened a lot.

Spot Fixing and CSK banned Years.

During IPL 2013, there were talks about spot match-fixing, which shocked the fans and cricket fraternity. On the day of the final between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings in 2013, Gurunath Meiyappan was arrested on spot-fixing. The same allegations were also faced by Rajasthan Royals’ previous owner Raj Kundra. Both the franchises were banned for two seasons and did not play 2016 and 2017 IPL.

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What Captain Dhoni had to say about this allegation?

M.S Dhoni, the Chennai super kings team captain, also faces several allegations regarding the spot-fixing cases. Later on, Dhoni revealed that it was the darkest period of his career. According to his statement, he was badly hurt by the false allegations of spot and match-fixing. Dhoni believes that match-fixing is the biggest crime he can ever think of.

He clearly refuses to be in any involvement in any match-fixing. He also sends a strong message to his haters and bad wishers that troubles can’t destroy him rather than make a strong comeback, and he proves that again after lifting the ban in the 2018 IPL season and won the IPL trophy for CSK again.

2018 IPL was the return show of CSK    

No doubt CSK is an amazing team having the most experienced players. All the fans who were disappointed with the ban of CSK for 2 years were eagerly waiting for their team to make a strong comeback in 2018 IPL. CSK started the season amazingly with more focus and intent and won the IPL 2021 title.

Every team has to face ups and downs, but MS Dhoni is known for his calmness, and no doubt he handled the CSK team excellently even after a disturbing allegation on them and two years ban for the franchise. All credit goes to MS Dhoni, his teammates, and CSK management.